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noiseshot NoiseShot and Me

Hello folks, some exciting news. Or, I think it is anyways. Little old me is moving up in the world. I am now writing for! Noise Shot is a…

icam2 iCam, Another Attempt to Shine

iCam, yet another attempt at making an iPhone a great shooter. We have seen these before. Last time, I was less than impressed. But this could be different.

2011-07-07-iphoneslr Rubbing That Poo

Ever hear the old saying “you can’t shine a turd?” Well, sometimes that is nothing but correct. Remember

stopwatch2 Getting by Remoteless.

When I first started shooting, I didn’t have a wireless shutter release. While I have said in a previous post that shutter release switches are fairly cheap. There is also…

hot_weird_funny_amazing_cool8_worst-id-photo-leads_2009073023202311247 Making ID Sexy

Ah yes, the photo ID. Be it a drivers licence, a fruit of the month membership card, or your jailhouse booking photo; they all suck.

Untitled-1 White Balance What?

When it comes to screwing up a shot, the number one thing people do is ignore white balance. Now, I like to think that most don’t do it on purpose….

Remote-Shutter-Release-20043503368492890 DIY Shutter Release

We all like to have the best equipment. But sometimes, the cash just isn’t there. The fact that the right equipment isn’t there should not stop you from taking that…

startrails_gemini Star Trails

Ah stars. For thousands of years humans have looked toward them. But how do you capture these beauties of the night? There are a few different methods. I will be talking about…

digartfd Beginnings of a Photographer

I am always looking for that new hobby. Whether it be the peaceful joys of fishing or the excitement of sky diving. I am always searching or something. Almost a year ago…

2613944240_e6dc5f1eb2 HDR? Oh Yes!

Anymore the word HDR is thrown around quite regularly. But what exactly is “HDR photography?” HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography is, in a nutshell, a way to correctly expose…