Monthly Archives: August 2011
kodakextColor Kodak Selling Patents?

While many large companies are buying up patents like crazy; Kodak is going another rout. The camera giant is now putting a good amount of its patents up for sale. 

floating-12 Levitating: The New Walking

Okay, that is it. My feet will never touch the ground again. Not only does walking take a lot of energy, but it is so last year. From now on I…

Nikon-AH-4-Leather-Hand-Grip Holding Herpa Derp

One of the goals that I have while taking pictures, is hanging onto the camera. Personally, I don’t like dropping expensive equipment. But neck straps are just so damn annoying!

road-trip Traveling Photography

Ah the open road. Nothing beats it. Especially when it comes to photography. Everything is new, everything is cool. By god there are some amazing shots to capture. But there…

05-07-97 Better Than 365

Ah yes, the 365 project. There is nothing like a good challenge. What could be more challenging than taking one photo a day for an entire year?

s_w02_1a35324u Colorful WWII

World War II, thousands of men and women fighting and working to win one of the largest conflicts the world has ever seen. The greatest generation did amazing things. Of…

Capture Going (Almost) Techniqueles

As a photographer, I balk at the idea of taking a picture without technique. But, there are times that I find using little technique to be acceptable.