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fredom tower World Trade Center, Looking Forward

Many an American around the county spent some portion of the day looking back. Reflecting on the events which occurred September 11th, 2001. But what about the future?

ht_gjs-wtc028_100205_ssv 9/11 Shots From Above

As the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks close in, I think it is only right take a moment to look back upon some of the photos of that day.

kidsphotography3 This Father Shoots His Kids and We Love It

Ah kids. They always seem to capture attention. But just what happens when you have a wedding photographer, two cute kids, photoshop, and a camera? Well, some very captivating shots.

JamesFSnyderbackyardhabitats The Best of Wildlife

Is a contest from 2009 too old to talk about? I don’t think so. Age doesn’t make these shots any easier. So here are some images from the National Wildlife Magazine…

Astronaut_Suicides Astronaut Suicides?

Astronaut suicides. Yes, you heard me. Astronaut suicides. I really am not one to find suicide amusing. I really hate the topic truthfully, but this is just too interesting to…

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from September Contest


540815_160 WOOT! We Are Growing!

Those of you who frequent this site are in for a little treat. I am no longer the only voice here. I would like to introduce you all to our…

Amazing sky shot Borders Forever

While technology tries to pull us together, physical blocks continue to push us apart. Those blocks are quite evident in this image.

uruguay_2009 Roll Clouds, Like a Fluffy Tootsie

Clouds are nothing new to me. I live in Washington. Clouds are a constant. So when I say a cloud is interesting, you should listen. These clouds good folks, are…

shooting in aquariums Shooting in Aquariums

On a recent trip to Vancouver Canada, I decided to stop by the aquarium. And why wouldn’t I? Fish are cool. Of course, most people want to take a bit…