9/11 Shots From Above


As the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks close in, I think it is only right take a moment to look back upon some of the photos of that day.

Nothing bothers me more than seeing a news outlet use an event like this to gain views. The people that died as a result of those attacks deserve to be respected. It is for that reason that you will not find me posting 6 or 7 articles about the 9/11 attacks. No, I believe in something more.

Even though I was only in early grade school when the attacks happened, I remember them quite vividly. Sitting in class, the teacher turning on the television for us all to watch. An event that has shaped the lives of millions since.

It is important to remember this day, to learn from it. We are not invincible, and the world is not a nice place. And with that, I suggest you all take a look at this series of photographs from abc news showing aerial photographs of the trade towers. While they are not high quality photos, or HDR, they are striking just the same. Sometimes, the subject can override any poor shooting.

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