Evan Seidl
coolpixs800c COOLPIX S800C, Nikon’s new Android Powered Camera

The new Nikon COOLPIX S800c, putting the power of Android behind your megapixels.  Nikon has just announced this new camera for the ever connected, ever feature hungry consumer.

disposable camera Origins of the Disposable Camera

The champion of weddings and vacations, we all recognize and trust the disposable camera. But where did this staple of low cost, amateur photography, come from? 

pancake lens Canon Has a New Pancake Lens

Small, lightweight, and inconspicuous. Canon’s new lens makes a great addition to any photographers arsenal. 

Untitled-5 DIY camera bag.

Need a camera bag on the cheap? No problem! We have you covered. Not only can you get a bag on the low, but it will look dang good.

Untitled-1 Lean, Mean and Ready to Go!

You may have noticed a few changes around here. Well, more than a few really. Not to be smug, but I would say things are looking mighty nice. 

Untitled-1 DIY camera shutter

Sometimes the best tools can be made from items from the hardware store. This DIY shutter release is no exception. 

Untitled-2 Facebook Camera In and Out

You want apps? Well, facebook is willing to make them. Facebook’s newest addition to the iOS app family is the Facebook Camera app. Of course, we couldn’t wait to see…

Untitled-3 One Big Lens

There are lenses, and then there are lenses. This lens surely falls into the second category. This Nikon fisheye is one for the books.

Kodak LIVEPrint Kodak introduces LIVEPrint, gives kittens to masses.

It’s nice to see a company with a sense of humor. Companies across the web see April 1st as the time to have a little laugh. This includes those in…

snap sport Making Shopping Easier

The holidays are here. For the vast majority for us this means overspending on those we love and those we, well….don’t. Many a shopper will be heading out into the…