Camera Phones: Not Always Bad

Tyler's Shot 10-17-11

I have never been shy about declaring my distaste for camera phones in the past. But when I am wrong, I am wrong. I am willing to admit that. When I ran across this new blog, I knew there was something to the camera phone. Something quite interesting.

The blog by Tyler and Gabriel, as they are known on the site, are doing what most do on facebook daily; but with far more experience and soul. The idea is to simply take a new photo every day with their cell phones. To capture something interesting in their daily lives. It’s a lifetime 365 project you could say.

Tyler is shooting with an HTC desire, and Gabriel is shooting with the iPhone 4s. For those of you who do not stalk the cell phone camera world like a hawk, we have some specs on those little guys.

On the HTC desire we are talking a 5mp camera, available ISO adjustments, auto focus, face detection, aspect ratio adjustment, white balance and metering, as well as geo tagging. The little guy rocks a 2592 x 1936 pixel image resolution and a single led flash.

The iPhone 4s has fixed shooting at f/2.4, adjustments for ISO and white balance, all backed into a cool 8mp. But if these aren’t enough to satisfy your curiosity, check out the full camera reviews for the iPhone 4s and the HTC desire.

They are off to a good start, and I know I will be looking forward to future shots. It is the perfect example of the old saying “You don’t take the photograph, you make it.”

To check out the blog,click through.



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