Challenge Rules

Please read all challenge rules before submitting.


How it works:

To see the current topic, read the current challenge section.

It is pretty simple, a topic is given. You have one month to take a photo that fits the topic. At any time during the month, submit your entry to

At the end of the month you will have the opportunity to vote for a winner. Once voting has finished, new challenge entries will be posted as they are received. The winning picture will be featured on this site, along with any additional information the winning photographer wishes to provide.


Rules and information:

  • Only one photograph may be submitted per person.
  • All photos submitted must be taken during the time of the challenge. Submissions must be placed prior to the challenge end.
  • All photographs must be original to you. Apparent theft of others work will result in disqualification.
  • By submitting you are consenting that we may post your photograph on this website as well as social media outlets including Google+, twitter, facebook, and affiliate sites. Of course, your image will be credited to you.
  • Do not endanger yourself, others, or animals during capture. We will not be held responsible for personal or equipment injury/damage.
  • Please, stay within the confines of the law. We will not be held responsible for any legal issues you find yourselves in while taking photographs.


How and what to enter:

  • To submit a Photo, simply include the original image as an attachment. Save the file in [firstlastname][challengename] format, or whatever name you want to be credited with. (For instance JohnJacobBridges.jpg)
    • Please include a brief bit of information on the photo. Such as what you used to take the photograph, where you took it, what inspired you, ect. Please also include a short 1-3 word name for your photograph.
  • Please submit a photograph with no watermarks, as well as one with a watermark. This is to keeping voting as fair as possible, we will be posting the non watermarked photographs during the time of voting.
  • We also recommend you include a link to your 500px, flickr or equivalent account so that we may link users to your accounts in the event you win.


What does the winner get?

  • The winning picture can be posted on social media outlets such as Google+, twitter, facebook, 500px and at times affiliate sites.
  • The winning picture will be used as the header image for our facebook page.
  • Your photograph will be posted to the past challenge winners page. It will include your watermarked photo (if submitted) along with your name, story, and any submitted 500px, flickr, or equivalent accounts.
  • Unless specifically stated, there will be no other prizes for winners.

Rules are subject to change at any time.