Facebook Camera In and Out


You want apps? Well, facebook is willing to make them. Facebook’s newest addition to the iOS app family is the Facebook Camera app. Of course, we couldn’t wait to see what this was all about.

The point if this application is images. It takes your news feed and filters out all those boring text posts. Essentially, you get a seemingly endless flow of pictures.

When the app is first opened, we were presented with a kind of split screen. A flick up scrolls through the newsfeed. A quick flip down brings up the camera roll. To change between your own, and your friends images, simply tapping “Me” or “Friends” takes care of that. While not the most attractive solution, it gets the job done.

The news feed is laid out about how we expected it to be. The all important comments and “likes” are there, as well as the original posts text. We do wonder why facebook decided to place the comment and “like” information over the image. For an app that is all about the images, they did a good job of taking away from them.

Comments are organized similarly to the facebook mobile app. It would be nice to have a few photo related options, or even a share feature. But then again, it is only a facebook application.

Moving pack to the camera roll, we have a nice new option. The option to mass upload via mobile. Simply check mark the image, or images you would like to post. If that isn’t quite your style, pressing the camera button opens the option to take an entirely new image.

After taking anew image, there are a few very welcome additions which the stand alone facebook application lacks. One of those is cropping. While such a simple thing, it really is worth noting. This is in addition to the flip tool. No longer will folks need to go back and change the orientation of an image after posting.

Fans of the popular instagram application will recognize this function. Before posting, the app gives the option of adding effects to the image. While we are not usually too keen on advocating the use these kinds of features, at the very least some of those “artistic” folks on facebook will be able to mix it up a bit as there are a lot of effects.

This is one of those applications that we really have to wonder, why? The facebook mobile application already supports images, so what is the need for a dedicated camera application? With facebooks acquisition of instagram, there isn’t necessarily much competition either. But overall it is a solid application. It runs smooth and looks like anything else you would expect from a facebook on iOS. For that, we really can’t fault it.

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