Going (Almost) Techniqueles


As a photographer, I balk at the idea of taking a picture without technique. But, there are times that I find using little technique to be acceptable. Besides being a photographer/blogger I am also an avid fisherman. It is important for me to get a picture of myself with my catch. Not only for the memory, but to show other people just what I got.

While usually special techniques are required to make a shot great; I have found it’s not necessary in these kinds of “trophy” shots. In fact, sometimes it’s good to use a lower powered camera or little technique. But why? Simply because it’s not the shot that matters. What matters is showing the catch.

When it comes to fish, nobody cares if the background is overblown. Nobody cares if the fisherman is smiling. What matters is that the fish is big, and the beast is shown in full. A shot on the bank is quick. The fisherman wants to get back to fishing, not fiddle with a camera.

A hunter is similar. While that shot of the catch is important, the overall quality is not noted. In fact a sharp image may be unwanted. Nobody wants to see blood everywhere. A lower quality shot hides this.

After everything is said and done. After the animals are home, a better shot may be wanted. But the shot showing the catch is less than well thought out. For the most part, that’s okay. The composition is the last thing on the mind of the people looking at the picture.


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