HDR? Oh Yes!


Anymore the word HDR is thrown around quite regularly. But what exactly is “HDR photography?” HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography is, in a nutshell, a way to correctly expose an image.

It can be almost impossible to get each aspect of a picture perfectly exposed. We have all had the issue. If the grass is exposed correctly, the sky will be blown out. While a bit of talent and a good filter can solve this issue; another way is to use HDR photography.

HDR photography uses multiple shots taken at different exposures. These shots are then laid directly over top each other in post processing. Many shots can be layered, but three shots should do it.

One shot should be underexposed. One shot overexposed, and one correctly exposed. When mixed everything evens out and a perfectly exposed picture should result.

It is important when taking these images, that the subject not move. If the subject, or camera moves the images will not properly align. For this reason it it best to auto bracket the shots and use continuous shooting. This will allow minimum movement of the camera, and a very fast capture. Of course, using a tripod is essential.

HDR photography can be really striking. Not only can it be used to correctly expose images, but it can be used to add character as well. For some amazing examples check out this page.

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