Beginnings of a Photographer


I am always looking for that new hobby. Whether it be the peaceful joys of fishing or the excitement of sky diving. I am always searching or something. Almost a year ago today I discovered a new hobby. Not the most exciting, and certainly not the cheapest. But one of the most rewarding hobbies I have found yet. That hobby is of course photography. I had seen photos all my life from “professional photographers” but had never really had the desire to go out and take pictures. I really did not feel comfortable with the idea of taking pictures of things and people. After all, who wants some punk kid with a camera bothering you? I came across something different though, the art of night photography. I loved the images and I loved the idea that I could go alone and be alone. I had to get into that. Now, I wasn’t interested in picking up my cheap point and shoot and going out into the world. Oh no, I was doing night photography, I needed something better. I needed to look professional.

I was lucky, my mom worked at a camera shop (or did until Walmart ran the place out of business) she bought a Canon Rebel G kit before the shop went under. So there I was, I had boxes of film, I had a Camera that at least looked professional, but still had no idea where to start. A camera with an entire array of settings and me with no idea what any of them did I turned to the internet. I found this site first. It was amazing. From that point I searched for other terms until I felt well versed in the ways of photography.

Now, I am sure you wonder what in the hell I am getting to, you know how I got into photography and you know I was self taught, but why should you care? The fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t. At least you shouldn’t if you don’t like photography. The main purpose of this blog will be to share some of my experiences over the years and try to share some of the tips I have picked up. So folks enjoy.
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