Holding Herpa Derp


One of the goals that I have while taking pictures, is hanging onto the camera. Personally, I don’t like dropping expensive equipment. But neck straps are just so damn annoying!

While it is pretty easy to find a good aftermarket strap; they just aren’t for me. If the camera is not in my hand, it’s in the camera bag.

That is where a good hand strap comes into play. They are the perfect tool. Never again will a strap rest on my Canon. Not only does the hand strap provide excellent support for those that do not care to hang a camera; but they also don’t get in the way when attaching the camera to a tripod.

That was a problem which made me want to pull my hair out! Neck straps always had the incredible nack of getting wrapped around the tripod legs. Hacksaw anyone?

But no, none of that. Now I have constant support of my camera. The support is also better I see. Less camera shake is always a plus.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

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