Learning? Use a Simulator


It’s hard to learn a cameras manual settings. No way around that! Judging the exact settings at first requires a large amount of guessing and testing. Which also means a lot of walking around taking useless shots. What would be nice is to have some sort of simulator. Lucky for you, there is one!

While a simulator like this will not make you an expert photographer, it does provide the amateur with an opportunity to learn basic concepts in different photographic situations.

The user is able to switch between shutter priority, aperture priority and manual modes. Also available is adjustments for focal length, lighting, distance, iso, aperture, and of course shutter speed. Oh, and did I forget to mention it has a tripod option? Because it has one of those as well.

Because the test image itself incorporates so much, anybody who masters the simulator will be very well off in real world situations. Again, it will not make anybody perfect, but having the important basics down pat is one step closer to taking truly great photos.

For true beginners, or anybody who is just in need of a refresh, there is a list of all the vital basic terminology. Simple, yet effective descriptions of concepts such as lighting, distance, focal length, mode, iso, aperture, and shutter speed.

If you need a little more information than that, check out this article. And to check out the camera simulator for yourself tap the link.

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