Microsoft Photosynth, What?


I am sure we have all at one point or another seen a panorama. They are one of the best ways to capture all that is a landscape. But what if you could make Google Street View style images? Capturing each and every little detail in a 360° panorama? Before what was almost impossible, is now very easy with Microsoft Photosynth

A program developed by engineers at the University of Washington and Microsoft, has become available to everyone. Well, anybody with a computer running Windows that is. The entire process involves a large chunk of bandwidth, some time, a lot of pictures, a windows live account, and Microsoft Silverlight.

The first step is to simply download the Photosynth app from Microsoft. After installing you will need to get to work. The work involves taking a lot of pictures. I do mean, A LOT of them.

What you are doing is capturing a subject from as many angles as possible. But when put together, navigation between these images needs to be flawless. When you find something you want to synth, take pictures of everything. Every possible angle and direction.

If you are able to get a fast enough shutter speed, you will want to use the continuous shooting feature on your camera. Because you will be taking 300 photos or more, a fast camera will be a lifesaver. Once you think you have enough photos, take more. You probably do not have enough.

When you come back, the process is completely automated. Just drag and drop the images into the Photosynth application on your computer, press “synth” and wait. Once it’s all done you will need to upload it to the Photosynth website to view. This is also done automatically, and once it is there you may view, save, and share.

If you didn’t quite catch how to do it, I suggest you take a look at the video posted here on

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