Nikon’s D600 photos leaked

Nikon D6000

If the rumor/leak is true, what you’re seeing above is Nikon’s newest and cheapest full-frame camera. The D600 is Nikon’s worst kept secret, it has long been rumored in the works and now we’re starting to see leaks of what the full-frame shooter will look like.

The leaked D600 photos feature a camera that looks a lot like the D800 and very prominently display the FX badge, which means, if true, the D600 will have a built-in Auto Focus motor. A very welcomed feature for the soon-to-be entry level full-frame body. Among other bells and whistles, the camera is expected to have a 24.7 MP sensor, possible weather-sealed body, H264/MPEG-4 video compression, in-camera RAW editing and most of the D800’s features.

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Source: Nikon Rumors via The Verge

Images via Nikon Rumors

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