November Contest


November, the month of turkey, pumpkin pie and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. While the colors of fall are draining away, architecture still draws interest. That is why this month you will be taking a shot of a statue.

That should not be too hard. After all, statues are everywhere. But how can you make your photograph look better than the next? That is the real question.

And a bonus! For this months winner, not only will your photograph be added to the past winners gallery but you will get one 8×10 print of your photograph and an SD card.




Think you know your way around a camera? Prove it!

It is pretty simple, a topic is given. You have one month to take a photo that fits the topic. At any time during the month submit your entry to At the end of the month you are allowed to vote for a winner. The winner will have their picture added to our monthly contest gallery.

To submit a Photo, simply include the original image as an attachment. Save the file in firstlastnamecontestname format, or whatever name you want to be credited with. (For instance JohnJacobDaytonight.jpg) Please include a brief bit of information on the photo. Stories are awesome.

We do ask that you do not use photos of people without written permission. That just isn’t nice.

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