November Results

Slaves in a Storm


November voting has come to an end and I think it is time for us to reveal the winner of last months contest. 

The winner was a submission by Benjamin Lanon named “Slaves in a Storm” A description of the photograph gives a bit of insight into the process.

“Those statues sit in the town of Diamant, in the very South of the French Caribbean island of Martinique. They represent a memorial of the 46 people who died in 1830 on a boat crashing against the coast during a storm. 42 of them were slaves arriving on a slave boat containing 300 of them, chained together, from the gulf of Guinea, where they supposedly arrived from. The 4 white people of the boat crew were properly buried in the town cemetery where as the Africans were buried where the 15 statues sit. The survivors were then “collected” and brought to their future work place and prison. Those statues of 2.5 meters look out toward the gulf of Guinea and invite the visitors to remember the horror of the accident and slavery at large. The expression on each of their faces is pretty eloquent and express a mix of emotions that each person could translate as sadness, anger, compassion, injustice, disgust, etc.”

Congratulations Ben, a truly great photograph!




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