October Photography Contest.

october contest

Ah yes, October. One of my favorite months of the year. It is the true beginning of fall. Colors spring out from the greens of summer for a short period dazzling our senses. Not to mention Halloween rolling around at the end. This month your task is to find something Orange and snap away. Therefor the topic of the month is fittingly called, Orange.



Think you know your way around a camera? Prove it! This is the monthly photo contest by NoiseShot.com but you can enter right here.

It is pretty simple, a topic is given. You have one month to take a photo that fits the topic. At any time during the month submit your entry to contests@seidlcreations.com. At the end of the month you are allowed to vote for a winner. The winner has their picture featured here, and on Noiseshot.com

To submit a Photo, simply include the original image as an attachment. Save the file in firstlastnamecontestname format, or whatever name you want to be credited with. (For instance JohnJacobDaytonight.jpg) Please include a brief bit of information on the photo. Stories are awesome.

We do ask that you do not use photos of people without written permission. That just isn’t nice.

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