Rainy Day Shooting


The last few days have been rainy. I don’t mean sprinkles either. No, I mean pissing rain. Last time I checked rain and electronics do not mix well. The last thing you want to do is get that $500+ camera soaked. But with such great opportunities out there, it’s hard to resist a walk in the storm. Here are some ways to keep your gear dry.

The first consideration is yourself. Being wet is no fun, keep that from happening. Now, don’t use an umbrella. When was the last time you only used one hand to take a picture? Invest in some good rain gear. At the very least a good hat and coat. Also use hand warmers, throw a couple of these in your pocket and they will keep you warn for hours.

As far as protecting camera gear goes; a good start is with a waterproof camera case. A regular case will be soaked after a few hours. Nothing is good there. So either look into a new bag, or find a way to keep things dry. Something as simple as a plastic bag around your regular case would work here in most situations.

Of course, try to keep your gear dry while shooting as well. Ignoring the obvious solutions such as standing under a tree or awning, there are plenty of ways to stay dry. You could spend the money for a rain guard or go the DIY route. The DIY route is by far the cheapest and most accommodating. Anything from a simple plastic sandwich bag to a cut out Styrofoam container will work. So long as the gear stays dry and the camera is usable, it is good enough.

Keep your lens hood on. By doing this you will prevent drops from falling on the lens saving you the work of wiping it off constantly. When changing the lens make sure the body is covered. Any moisture in the body will really cause issues.

That should cover it, stay dry and don’t drop your camera in any puddles.

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