Rubbing That Poo


Ever hear the old saying “you can’t shine a turd?” Well, sometimes that is nothing but correct. Remember

this? the $249 toy that lets you mount a DSLR lens to your iPhone 4? I thought you would.

Just look at it. It looks cool, it acts cool, and it is expensive. We all know, if it costs a lot it has to work. What could be better, for a little over $200 you can turn an iPhone into a DSLR! I mean, the lens really is the most important part of the camera!

I wish that were true. But this is one of those cases where something is just too good to be true. Sometimes the lens really isn’t the most important part. When the camera body itself is so bad, it really doesn’t matter how nice the len is.

The major issue with this setup is the size of the iPhone camera sensor. It just does not have the size or quality to take advantage of that expensive lens. So while you will get to feel really cool, it really won’t help image quality much. The very best thing you can do if you ask me, is get a real DLSR an a cheaper lens.

So remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. And in most cases you cannot shine a turd. With that, I better not see anybody shooting a wedding with an iPhone.

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