Shooting Fireworks this July 4th? Brush up on your technique.


Here in the U.S. we’re prepping for our Independence Day celebration. For most that means firing up a grill, prepping burgers and hot dogs, but also checking out a local fireworks display. Whether you’re building your portfolio or just wanting to capture some memories, Adorama republished photographer, Joe McNally’s great primer on building your perfect shot.

As far as gear goes, McNally recommends a camera (of course), a wide zoom and telephoto zoom lenses, tripod, plenty of storage, a backup battery, headlamp, handheld flashlight, watch with timer, and a black card. (Also highly recommended is Advil because well, yeah.)

Beyond having a camera and gear, you should also take some time to scout a location ahead of time and be prepared to do a lot of waiting. McNally suggests being there before the rest of the non-shooting folks arrive and packing for a full day’s outing.

As far as technique goes, McNally recommends setting your shutter to Bulb and stopping down anywhere between f/8 and f/16; you’re shooting bursts of light after-all overexposure will just give you washed out light trails with none of those amazing colors these shows put on.

For the full unabridged read, hit the source link below and remember: photography is more than just technique; so get out there and shoot something.

Source: Adorama Blog

Image Source: Smithsonian – Flickr

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