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coolpixs800c COOLPIX S800C, Nikon’s new Android Powered Camera

The new Nikon COOLPIX S800c, putting the power of Android behind your megapixels.  Nikon has just announced this new camera for the ever connected, ever feature hungry consumer.

disposable camera Origins of the Disposable Camera

The champion of weddings and vacations, we all recognize and trust the disposable camera. But where did this staple of low cost, amateur photography, come from? 

Untitled-5 DIY camera bag.

Need a camera bag on the cheap? No problem! We have you covered. Not only can you get a bag on the low, but it will look dang good.

Untitled-2 Facebook Camera In and Out

You want apps? Well, facebook is willing to make them. Facebook’s newest addition to the iOS app family is the Facebook Camera app. Of course, we couldn’t wait to see…

Tyler's Shot 10-17-11 Camera Phones: Not Always Bad

I have never been shy about declaring my distaste for camera phones in the past. But when I am wrong, I am wrong. I am willing to admit that. When I ran across…

simulator Learning? Use a Simulator

It’s hard to learn a cameras manual settings. No way around that! Judging the exact settings at first requires a large amount of guessing and testing. Which also means a…

5698472506_4d8f781349_b Rainy Day Shooting

The last few days have been rainy. I don’t mean sprinkles either. No, I mean pissing rain. Last time I checked rain and electronics do not mix well. The last…

diy2b DIY Shutter Timer

Ah the time lapse movie. I am sure you have all seen them. But how do they make them? Well, most use a camera timer. A device specifically used to…

icam2 iCam, Another Attempt to Shine

iCam, yet another attempt at making an iPhone a great shooter. We have seen these before. Last time, I was less than impressed. But this could be different.

startrails_gemini Star Trails

Ah stars. For thousands of years humans have looked toward them. But how do you capture these beauties of the night? There are a few different methods. I will be talking about…