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pancake lens Canon Has a New Pancake Lens

Small, lightweight, and inconspicuous. Canon’s new lens makes a great addition to any photographers arsenal. 

Untitled-4 A Lens end cap with a little Style

  No matter how prepared or organized we keep our bag searching through our bags can be difficult especially when trying to get the right lens for the shot you…

photo nikon 1 Nikon 1: Holy Cow

For the first time in almost 50 years Nikon has changed their entire stance on camera manufacturing. This is big, really big. It comes in the form of the Nikon…

5859118624_d5220f7b1a_b Macro Shooting: lenses

Remember in high school how cool regular things looked though a microscope? Well, macro photography is basically the same. Cool as hell.

icam2 iCam, Another Attempt to Shine

iCam, yet another attempt at making an iPhone a great shooter. We have seen these before. Last time, I was less than impressed. But this could be different.

2011-07-07-iphoneslr Rubbing That Poo

Ever hear the old saying “you can’t shine a turd?” Well, sometimes that is nothing but correct. Remember

EF135_2LU_C Lens VS Body

High end bodies usually have larger camera sensors, faster speeds, and other superior features. A good lens will produce an amazing image if used right. But what is more important…