Yahoo Flickr Upgraded!

Spectacular Flickr

Yahoo yesterday had a formal celebration for Flickr’s major site redesign and a few features including 1TB of free storage for all users. For those that require more space, there’s a paid “doubler” option that will up the storage limit to 2TB for $500 per year and an ad-free route is priced at $50 for 12 months.

But what might be more memorable about yesterdays event are Yahoo CEO’s Marrissa Mayer’s words on photographers she said:

…there’s no such thing as Flickr Pro, because today, with cameras as pervasive as they are, there is no such thing really as professional photographers, when there’s everything is professional photographers. Certainly there is varying levels of skills, but we didn’t want to have a Flickr Pro anymore, we wanted everyone to have professional quality photos, space, and sharing.” – Marissa Mayer, Yahoo Event, May 2013

So what do you think? are there no more “Professional Photographers”? Does that mean that a man taking a photo of the statue of liberty with his iPad is as accomplished a photographer as Trey Ratcliff, Thomas Hawk, or Robert Scoble? or is Marissa Mayer just blowing a lot of hot air? domain name information

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