What is a Kodak Moment Worth?


Ah Kodak, the camera company of the ages. They are ingrained into our society like baseball and apple pie. But what exactly is that “Kodak Moment” worth? Very little it turns out. But less than a 50 person blogging company?

Dennis K. Berman tweeted today that Kodak is in fact worth less than “the 50 person, profitless Tumbler.” Now take into account the fact Kodak employs $19,000 people and we see a serious issue. The total worth of the company according to the tweet is $460 million. In contrast Tumbler is worth $798 million.

I can’t really say that I am surprised. When Kodak earlier began selling their patent portfolio it was obvious there were some issues within the company. This though, is quite the surprise. If the figures are accurate just how much longer can Kodak stay afloat?

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