White Balance What?


When it comes to screwing up a shot, the number one thing people do is ignore white balance. Now, I like to think that most don’t do it on purpose. They just do not realize how to prevent the harm to the photograph.

Most cameras will try their best to keep the colors true. But let’s face it, they just cannot do it on their own. Those nice crisp whites turn a beautiful piss yellow when the shutter is released. Fortunately most cameras, and even some cell phones, have a way to fix it.

The easiest way to get true whites, is to take a picture correctly the first time. It is not that difficult to do. Most photographers carry around a white balance card. Now some people also use grey cards. While a grey card is primarily used for setting exposure it can also be used to help set the white balance.

As for how to properly set your white balance manually, I will just say one thing. Read the fucking manual. I know that may not be exactly what you wanted to hear. But the truth is that each camera is different and there is no way I will be able to properly explain the process for each one.

Now, let’s say that you really just do not want to fool with white balance ahead of time. Well that’s fine. If you happen to have a program such as Photoshop or Lightroom, you can easily fix the white balance.

Simply import your image into the program and find the setting for adjusting the balance. In Lightroom all you have to do is press “W.” Then point to any area that should be white, press the button and there you go. Simple, quick, and it fixes your photo.

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