Wooden Photos? Yup It Can Happen

Wooden Block


You heard right. Photographs made out of a block of wood. The traditional method of displaying photos is nice. A framed photo is cheap and classy. The more recent use of digital photo frames is neat, but not really unique. This, this is unique.

No, there is no need to buy any sort of fancy equipment. Just a photograph, a nice block of wood, some sort of gel, some mod podge, and a paint brush. Oh, and I suppose a bit of time.

The gel medium will run you about $10 on Amazon. The mod podge should be about $12. Now the choice of wood is slightly important. It behooves you to choose a piece which is very flat, preferably sanded smooth.

Also be sure you get a cured piece of wood. When we talk cured, we mean dry. Really dry. If the wood is wet it will split, ruining your work. Check out your local craft store. When in doubt, ask.

The final results really are unique. There is so many options with this type if project. It will most certainly add curiosity to your photographs.

For the full instructions, check out the video.









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