Working With Boring


One of the hardest things for any photographer, is finding something inspiring to shoot in a maze of old. Some simply travel to a new location. But for many, that simply is not an option. So how do you find the perfect shot in a boring world?

When it comes to many places, such as college campuses, it really isn’t too hard to find some very interesting things to shoot. But after a few weeks the obvious options are used up. As the surroundings become familiar, inspiration fades.

It is in a position like this that a photographer must get creative. Of course, start with the obvious choices. Try for different vantage points. Many places are more open to the public than you would think. Finding that interesting point is sometimes only a matter of trying out a few different doors.

Play the seasons. A sidewalk in the spring is worlds apart from that same sidewalk in the fall or winter. By mixing vantage point with season, you vastly increase options. But hell, why even stick to just that? Pull out all the stops, venture in the dark, go for the close ups. Take a risk and go out in the rain.

Then there is the more personal option. People. In a populated area look for people who would breathe life into a photograph. Sure many people will say no, but many more will say yes. After all, people love to be captured on film.

Yup, it’s as simple as that. No need for fancy lenses, no need for a bunch of expensive filters. Just be creative. Get out there and make the boring interesting. Just because you find something boring, does not mean others would not find it cool. Pay attention to the tourists. If they like it, take that idea and make it better.

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